How to make excellent themes: 5 things to do and 5 mistakes to avoid

What are the rules for writing a perfect theme? Do you want to impress your professor? Follow these 10 effective recommendations in detail.

The perfect theme: find out how to improve your writing skills

Writing a nice theme is not easy at all, often students underestimate the importance of this task because they consider it simple, but unfortunately it is not. Has it ever happened to you to write pages and pages with a perfect spelling and punctuation and then find yourself a four-sectioned one?

If you answered yes obviously something has not gone the right way and you absolutely have to understand what. We try to understand it together thanks to these 5 tips and 5 prohibitions to keep in mind when you want to write a perfect theme.

How to write a theme: 5 things to do

Here are 5 things to do to help you write a theme that will make your Italian teacher wonder.

Read the trace carefully

The first thing to do absolutely is to read the trace with extreme accuracy.

The track is the base from which you have to start as it introduces you to the topic you need to discuss. Very often the track is underestimated and therefore the whole theme ends up being wrong (that is, it ends up being “off topic”). If at first you didn’t understand it, read it again as often as necessary.

Design a diagram / ladder

Before starting to write it is essential to make a scheme. Make a sort of ladder where you put in order all the ideas you want to introduce in the theme. Doing this step is really essential because it allows you to have clear thoughts immediately and to do everything in a certain order. If you know the 5w method (Who ?, What? When ?, Where? And Why?) Use it, it will be of great help not only for newspaper articles, but also in the most narrative themes. To know how to make a ladder you just have to read point 4.

Divide the theme into three parts

To write a correct and orderly theme it is necessary to divide it into three parts. What are they? Introduction, development and conclusion.

In the introductory part you have to present the topic you are dealing with concisely, in developing it you have to develop it by putting all your previous ideas into practice, while in the end you have to finish everything, possibly with an effective sentence.

Make the draft

Writing a theme directly in beautiful is a real risk! The ugly allows you to remove phrases or expressions that after a second rereading don’t make sense, you will also avoid making a messy theme.


The last thing to do after copying the theme beautifully is to read it again. Make sure there are no punctuation or spelling errors and correct yourself if you notice you wrote something wrong.

After re-reading everything you’ll be ready to deliver!

How to write a theme: 5 mistakes to avoid

Here are the mistakes that you absolutely must not commit if you want to write a flake theme.

Wasting time

As you know, time is precious, especially if you are doing a task in class. Avoid losing yourself staring at the void or distracting yourself. A good theme cannot be done in five minutes!

Focus only on the length

A well done theme should not be too long. It may be that a short theme is better than a long one: what matters is not the length but the content. Also remember that doing it too long can become repetitive.

Giving in to the charm of the banal

Be very careful about what you write because it could be trivial, don’t write something that is already taken for granted but elaborate a critical and original thought on the subject.

Go off topic

Remember to always stick to the track, don’t write down everything you can think of but think. Going off topic can be the same as completely wrong!

Be repetitive

Make use of synonyms, try not to repeat the same word a thousand times or even the same concepts otherwise the theme will become heavy and boring, but above all not very smooth.

Follow these tips and you will see that they will be really useful to you!

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