Should You Include an Argumentative Conclusion in Your Essay?

Writing an Argumentative Conclusion

The conclusion section in an essay is an interesting bit of writing since it not only summarizes the main idea behind the paper but also the argument put forth. If you are unsure about the best way to include the conclusion in your write-up, here is a basic guide:

Know Your Topic and Topic Essay Types

First, read and understand the topic for your essay before you begin writing. If your topic is technical and specialized in some area, try to think of a general topic instead. That way, you do not get too technical in your paper. However, for general topics, one can choose a subject that is broad, and the writer can engage in not too deep research. Another tip when writing an argumentative essay is if you want to include your personal opinion about the topic, it should be in the form of a paraphrase.

What to Include

While there are various formats for writing an argumentative conclusion, the most common style is the introduction. This section should capture the summary of your paper and give some background info about the topic. Here is what you need to include in the conclusion:

Conclusion Background

Start with a paragraph that gives background info about the topic. In this section, the writer will provide the reader with a summary of the thesis statement and why they chose to write their thesis statement in the first place. They should state the weakness of the subject or an aspect they found useful when researching the subject. Ensure you include the weaknesses the writer found in the writing

Aims and Objectives of the Essay

After the introduction, come a paragraph that details the scope of the topic. Point out why you decided to bring up the topic and the relevance it has to your argument. You should also offer some suggestions and some pointers that may be of more assistance to the student writing the paper. If possible, utilize the conclusion to clarify your readers on how the topic will contribute to their understanding of the theme.

Summary of Conclusion

While there are many opinions on the subject of conclusion, it is not necessarily about putting down all the points of the essay. Regardless of the arguments put forward in the paper, the conclusion should only state a simple statement and a summary of the thesis statement. When leaving out a particular point in the conclusion, make sure to get more clarification from your professor on whether that is allowed.

Get help for Best Conclusion Writing

Do not wait until the last minute to create a brilliant conclusion section in your paper. Get help if you feel that you are not sure about what you want to say about the topic or do not know the right way to go about making your opinion clear in this section. Ensure you find writers who are knowledgeable about the topic and those who have an industry expertise in writing this section of an argumentative essay.

In conclusion, do not let your argumentative conclusion section be the weakest section of your write-up. The final word counts in this part, and the audience needs to get a clear message from you. Rewriting your essay might be unnecessary and may cost you a good grade. However, if done correctly, the writing process can be considered easy.

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